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USA: Jones Day v. - Hyperlink creates false impression of affiliation? provides information about property transactions. One of their reports state the facts of real estate transactions of Jones Day associates, displays their pictures, and states the associates work for Jones Day. In addition, the report includes links to information about these associates appearing within Jones Day's website. Jones Day sued Blockshopper and alleges trademark infringement! Plaintiff contends Defendant's use of the Jones Day Marks and the links to the web site create the false impression that Jones Day is affiliated with/or approves, sponsors or endorses Defendant's business, which it does not.

Sounds ridiculous! That's pretty much, what the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is saying about the lawsuit: "some of the most preposterous trademark claims we've ever seen... If Jones Day were correct, no news site or blog could use marks to identify markholders, or links to point to further information about the markholders, without risking a lawsuit. But that is not the law, and Jones Day should know it."





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